Here's a list of the 10 deadliest mammals of the Cenozoic Era and one Cretaceous beast as well.

20 Oct 2017 Yes, we're pretty smart, but there are animals whose brains have evolved have the largest olfactory bulbs of mammals, with another powerful rodent, The enlarged foreheads and skull capacity of humans has enabled our 

Viviparous mammals, giving birth to well developed young that have been nourished by a placenta in the uterus of the female. The most successful group, making up 95% of all mammal species.

Nov 28, 2017 · Several million years back, the only creatures on our planet that could intimidate everyone with their size were dinosaurs. Nowadays, of course you won't find any of them, but still, there are

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Brain size is an important part of animal anatomy, and has been studied by scientists as a potential indicator for intelligence. Brain size is typically determined by 

Oct 25, 2015 · It has the highest brain-to-body-mass ratio of any mammal, beating humans. 2. SPERM WHALE . At roughly 16 pounds, the sperm whale’s brain is the biggest … What Animal Has a Bigger Eye Than a Brain? | Animals - The tarsier has enormous eyes -- each pupil is 1.5 cm around, while each tarsier is only 12 cm long. Each eye is about the same size as its brain. These small primates are also unique because they have two very large ears that move independently from one another, allowing them to hear better to locate their prey. How smart are killer whales? Orcas have 2nd-biggest brains Sam Ridgway, a neurobiologist and research veterinarian at San Diego's National Marine Mammal Foundation, which works for the Navy, said the orca brain has a relatively smaller amount of cerebral