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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Touch Screen Not Working Aug 07, 2017 · No application opens, you can not type the key or send a message. Suddenly the touch magic disappears. From time to time the touch screen stops responding. Before despairing, it is advisable to do some tests to rescue the equipment. 1. Check the screen. First you have to evaluate that the screen is not damaged or broken at some point. How to Recover Data from Samsung When Touch Screen Cannot Mar 14, 2017 · How to Recover Data from Samsung When Touch Screen Cannot be Used By Selena Komez Updated on March 14, 2017 My Galaxy S7 is on, but I am unable to use it because my touch screen is not working.I tried resetting my phone, but when I turned it back on my screen was still not responding to touch.

Initially I had problems with my touch screen not registering my touch in the correct spot. I'd tap somewhere and it would register 1/4" below it. 20 Jun 2019 Updated Google Play Services makes my touch screen not work in Android.. raspberry pi android auto touch not working crankshaft #363. 3 Aug 2016 This article helps troubleshoot the touchscreen not responding on your Samsung Galaxy S 4. You may have touchscreen issues if your device:. This is a weird touch screen issue as only part (2 blocks) of the screen is not working. I tested the touch functionality via "Touch Test" and  27 May 2019 You can Fix any Not Working Touch Screen of any Brand – Android and iPhone. These problem and solution apply to all brands and make of 

In recent days, many Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro users might have been crying as the touchscreen of their beloved device was not responding after they had updated their phone to the Android 8.1 Oreo version.

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4 Jan 2020 An unresponsive touch screen on an Android phone or any smartphone for that matter could be just a result of a minor software-related issue or  6 days ago If your Galaxy Note10+ touchscreen is not working or has become unresponsive for some reason, you'll have to figure out what is causing it first  17 Jan 2018 It's common for most smartphones that touch screen is unresponsive to your action or totally not working. Here we show you 5 reasons which  In this article, you will learn why Galaxy screen does not work properly, tips the touch screen stoped responding or unidentified dots appearing on your screen. 8 Nov 2019 When your touch screen stops working, follow these steps to get back do when an iPhone or Android screen stops responding to your touch. 20 Jul 2018 Galaxy S6 Touch Screen Not Working is one of the most common issues users have been facing. The solutions are discussed here.

How to restart Galaxy S9/S9+ if screen/device is frozen or Aug 15, 2019 · If your phone's screen is frozen or doesn't respond to touch. Please follow the below easy steps to fix the issue. 1 If your device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Power key and the Volume down key simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it. SOLVED: phone touch screen wont work - Samsung Galaxy To restart android device with touch screen not working: Press and hold the power button until the screen becomes black; After 1 minute or so, hold the power button again to power on the device. Samsung Galaxy Screen Not Working [Solved]- dr.fone Dec 25, 2019 · Samsung Galaxy screen not working is a problem that is preventable because half of the time, it is caused by your carelessness. Here are some useful tips to protect your Samsung Galaxy: To properly protect the display panel of your Samsung Galaxy, use a really good protective case.